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Are you in the transportation industry, suffering from the pains of machinery breakdowns and maintenance costs, resulting in lost time and money? Is the constant worry about your construction equipment reliability keeping you up at night? At Lubecore Central Ontario, we understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to provide help.
We have been in the business for over 15 years, and our automated lubrication systems and premium greases are custom-tailored solutions that solve most of your machinery movement issues. Our primary aim is to drive your business ahead in the thriving industrial landscape of Barrie, Ontario.

Automated Lubrication Systems

Some of our best-automated lubrication systems are:

Multi-Line “Spyder” Pump: A Cost-Efficient Solution for Your Machinery

Get ready to experience significant maintenance savings with our Multi-line “Spyder” pump. This all-in-one design offers an affordable yet highly effective solution that enhances the safety and reliability of your equipment. It provides continuous lubrication to critical components like automatic brake adjusters, clevis pins, spring hangers, and more, ensuring seamless operation and reducing the risk of breakdowns. Trust the “Spyder” pump for smooth, dependable, and economical operation of your machinery.

Modular Progressive: Precision Lubrication for Versatile Applications

Our Lubecore Modular Progressive Automatic Lubrication Systems are versatile solutions for many applications. This system combines power and precision, delivering grease to all equipment areas through compact distributor blocks. From pins and bushings to lift cylinders and articulation joints, the Lubecore Modular Progressive system ensures critical points receive the necessary lubrication, contributing to your machinery’s safe and dependable performance.

HP-400 Compact Chief: Keeping Small Equipment in Prime Condition

The HP-400 Compact Chief Lubrication System provides a streamlined yet highly effective solution for lubricating your smaller machinery. Its straightforward design guarantees precise grease delivery, maintaining consistent lubrication with every equipment cycle. With its compact footprint, the HP-400 Compact Chief keeps your small machinery well-lubricated, extending equipment lifespan and ensuring reliable performance.


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We are among the best grease manufacturers, so let’s look at the greases we offer that keep all the parts of your machinery moving!

EP0 Grease: Precision Lubrication for Tight Spaces

Our Lubecore Steadylube Lithium Complex EP0 grease is a versatile lubricant designed to penetrate tight spaces effortlessly, reducing friction and extending the lifespan of your equipment. Its lower consistency enables smooth flow, making it ideal for slow-speed applications. Trust EP0 grease to keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently, even in challenging, hard-to-reach areas.

EP2 Grease: Superior Lubrication for Durability

Steadylube Lithium Complex Semi Synthetic EP2 grease offers unmatched mechanical stability, long-lasting lubrication, and exceptional shear stability. It’s your primary choice for a range of industrial and automotive uses. With enhanced water resistance, EP2 grease ensures your machinery remains well-lubricated and performs reliably, even under demanding conditions.
By using Lubecore’s Steadylube Lithium Complex Semi-Synthetic EP2 grease in your multi-line spyder or modular progressive system, you will receive an extended warranty.

Revolutionize Your Maintenance: The Power of Automated Lubrication Systems Now in Barrie, Ontario

There are several exciting reasons why you should use an automated lubrication system in Barrie, Canada. Some of these are:
  • Efficiency: Precise and consistent lubrication for optimal machinery performance.
  • Extended Lifespan: Reduces wear and tear, prolonging equipment life.
  • Enhanced Safety: Minimizes accidents associated with manual lubrication.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces lubricant waste and contamination.
  • Reliability: Maintains consistent performance, preventing breakdowns.

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At Lubecore Central Ontario, we don’t just offer lubrication solutions; we provide a pathway to unparalleled efficiency and success. Boasting over 15 years of experience in the sector, our crew represents a pillar of know-how and dependability. What makes us the best auto lubrication choice? It’s our commitment to your prosperity.
All our customers are just like family, and we don’t leave you alone once a project is completed. We stay with you throughout and ensure you get timely guidance on all auto lube systems for heavy equipment.

Our tailor-made, cost-effective solutions are designed to fit your unique needs, ensuring every drop of lubricant counts. 

We don’t stop at technology; we deliver peace of mind by making you our partner in progress. The best part? Our automated lubrication systems in Barrie, Ontario, are very affordable and ensure you don’t have to break the bank to get our services.

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